With Shape3d Lite you can create your own surfboard, sailboard, paddle, kite..., and send the file to the nearest factory to have it cut exactly like you designed.

NEW: Shape3d X Lite now has the 3D View!!!
Shape3d LITE is FREE and it has most of the deisgn features:
  • Design of outline, stringer and as many slices as you want
  • Display curvature, curvature radius and acceleration curvature radius (SurfCAD)
  • Guidelines and measurement bars at any position
  • Waterline with immersed volume
  • Ghost board (boards comparison of outline, profile, and slices at any position)
  • Fins positioning
  • Full scale printing
  • File protection.
  • Save in the Shape3d X format (.s3dx) and Shape3d 8 format (.s3d).
  • Open .srf, .kms, .pbd and .brd (even encrypted) files.
  • 3D View with Solid view, Stringer, and Artwork Mapping!!!
Technical requirements
  • PC: Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98.& NT, NT 2000 with DirectX
  • Mac: OSX 10.6.0 and later (portage by
  • Display XGA at least (better results with a 1600x1200 resolution)

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