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Features Lite Design Design Pro CNC 3D Export Import
Design, measure, resize, save... X X X X X X
Open .s3dx, .s3d, .brd, .brdx, .kms and .pbd files X X X X X X
3D view X X X X X X
Plan print sheet X X X X X X
Full scale printing X X
File protection X X
Plugs X X
Ghost board superposition X X
Image superposition X X
Volume distribution X X
Thickness control X X
Guidelines, measurement bars X X
Extend, reverse, level board... X X
Logos / Plugs in 3D view X X
Reflexions in 3D view X X
Wires in 3D view X X
Curvature and Level lines in 3D view X
2D exports (Pdf, DXF…) X
Hollow wood plans X
Asymmetric designs X
3D Layers (swallow tails, channels, recessed deck…) X
Multi-curves edition (rail, apex curves design) X
Buoyancy line X
Guidelines Import X
Automatic fitting on guidelines X
Ghost STL (2D / 3D) X X X
CNC blank / toolpath preview X X
Hot wire G-Code export X X
CNC G-Code export X
Multi-tools X
3D exports (STL, IGES, DXF) X
Scan imports X
IGES imports X
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